The Controller

The ‘Controller’ is the computer station that controls the entire FMS. The controller is the link between the detailing of trusses and the manufacturing of trusses.

The Controllers functions are as follows:-

  • Gathers the factory data (cutting and manufacturing details) from the office network
  • Has options to allow the system to automatically assign work to various saws or jigs.
  • Can assign work to any saw or jig station,
  • Set the priority of the work on each saw or jig stations
  • Generates production reports on daily functions through to yearly reports and even individual worker functions/times.
  • Generates an analysis report of manufacturing labour costs against estimating labour costs The controller has the ability to not only allocate and priorities work tasks to each station but to also view the status of any station. The purpose of this function is to allow the controller to analysis the work progress of the station.

The controller can view:-

  • What work has been completed,
  • What work is selected for processing and is currently being worked on,
  • What work is still to be started and
  • What percentage of a job has been completed.