The Saw Station

The ‘Saw Station’ is a computer station that determines what members are cut. The saw station has work allocated in a set priority by the controller.

The saw station has two functions:-

  • Cut Items - There are the same details on the FMS screen that are on the cutting sheets produced the Detailers. The saw operator then works through the list of members to be cut.
  • Time and Motion Studies - When each item is cut the user selects the ‘Member Complete’ button to stop the timing of production.

The sawyer has enough details to be able to cut and mark each member. The details shown are job/truss number, member type and number, size and grade of each board, quantity, actual cutting lengths and a stock length to select the correct piece of timber. When the member first appears on the screen, the labour timing begins. When the sawyer has cut the member they will select ‘Member Completed’, this action stops the labour timing. The list of members will automatically scroll to the next member and show it on the screen